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*burps* Sangria! I’m back. New posts coming by next week. If anyone wants to contribute or add a posting, send to chicanismo at…. gmail . com(pathetic attempt at subverting email harvest bots) Unlike our fellow brother Hugo Chavez, I promote free speech unless a commenter is getting outright insulting or revealing personal information. So if you can’t handle criticism, don’t send.

Te banas.


Revolutionary ideals & strategics must evolve

•January 8, 2007 • 8 Comments

Since we as a people are so dense in population and thus diverse, it is hard to project a message that all of our people will understand and agree with. There are so many aspects to Chicanismo & Mexicanismo, that a message will be hard to reach all of us. There needs to be a common demoninator that all of our people can agree with and really understand. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the solutions and for the most part they are there, but if you have a good message and only a minority of the people understand and believe in it, then there’s a problem with the messenger or the way the message is conveyed.

The problem with most of the messengers is that they engage in intellectual masturbation and talk about the system from a bird’s eye view. They point fingers and say capitalism is the problem or some other system that habors corruption and exploitation, then provide theories on how to fix the system or even overthrow it. Most of these people are college educated and otherwise intellectuals that use terminology that only their peers understand. Not all of the people will understand the message, only the intellectuals will. I’m not proposing that we dumb down our messages, but provide them in a way that everyone can understand without dozing off.

We also have to accept that protests, marches, boycotts don’t work as they used to anymore. They might be helpful in the way to bring attention to a problem or a plight, but that’s the maximum potency such physical activism delivers. We should not expect to see changes from these things, we need to conserve our energy and money into more strategic moves.


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The United States government needs to stop meddling in with the politics and the economy of Mexico if they wish not to see any more poor Mexicans migrating here by the hundreds of thousands.

The NAFTA treaty has sent already poor mexicans, into complete bankruptcy, poor Mexicans who usually have agricultural jobs could not compete for example with the US genetically modified corn that yields more corn per cob. Im using corn as an example as it is one of the most important crops.

The organic arming that has been the same for centuries could no longer compete with the prices genetically modified US corn growers were pushing into the Mexican market. The corn is not without flaw, as it has abnormal levels of carbohydrates when compared to native grown corn in Mexico. It is one of the main reasons why Mexicans are being diagnosed with diabetes at an astonishing rate.

But middle class and upper class consumers in Mexico who buy the final product did not know this, nor do they really care when their main motive is finding the cheapest product, which is not really something to blame but to realize that is one of the pitfalls of capitalism.

Mexicans who move here are usually of lower class, and mostly work with their hands, as they did in the mother country. My parents are an example, they have little or no formal education, not too different from any other poor peoples in this world. You dont see the Middle Class Mexicans or Upper Class moving here in mass numbers do you? Of course not. Only the poor are the victims.

If “Americans” want to see this “immigration problem” stemmed. Require that your Executive branch not meddle with the Mexican Politics or Economy, cancel NAFTA and any other provisions that are similar.

During the recount of the Mexican votes recently between Calderon and Obrador, the judges did not even bang their gavel to declare who is the new Mexican president is, President Bush called and congratulated Calderon for winning. The European Union sent people during the Mexican elections and even made a formal statement that “We did not see any irregularities”. These are two examples of how the rest of the world meddles with something they are not involved in.

This is all because there is interests that wish to exploit the Mexican people, of course capitalistic, which is why you see alot of young Chicanos and Mexicanos flirting with Communism, because they see what capitalism has done to our people and our ancestor’s lands. They revere Che Guevara and Karl Marx, all this out of what? To counter the thoughts of such a system? The exploitation of Mexico? The ruin of Mexico?

I personally believe it does not matter what kind of system there is, socialism, democracy, communism, anything. People will exploit people, in China, there is currently investigations to clear out corruption, the Chinese are making billions selling products to the rest of the world, when their workers are getting paid next to nothing.

So what can we do? The Gusanos have influence over the US government to say whatever they want towards the Cuban government and their people, yet we the Mexicanos and Chicanos have no influence whatsoever when our numbers are more than ten-fold? Maybe it is a wrong comparison, the gusanos have business interests, they are the white elitists of Cuba and there’s a reason why they all live in Miami.

Regardless, the problem is there, and we need to do something about it.

La Nueva Chicana by Viola Correa

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Hey! See that lady protesting against


es mi mama.

That girl in the brown beret, the one teaching the children

She's my hermana

Over there fasting with the migrants

es mi tia…

Listen to her shout!

La Nueva Chicana

by Viola Correa

Viva La Raza

•May 11, 2006 • 4 Comments

Viva La Raza(The People)

When one of us say Viva La Raza, we refer to our own people, not a race.

Mexicans are actually the only ones who say “Viva La Raza”, People from El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Brasil, etc. do not say this despite we being the same color skin and probably “race” as well.

This is a common mistake that media and people like minutemen like to exploit, they say we are racist because we say Viva La Raza. When its closest translation is probably “Long live the People.”

People doubt this and refer to spanish translations of ‘raza’ and read that it says race, spain’s spanish is different from Mexican spanish. Mexican Spanish is a dialect of Spain’s. Castellano is what is spoken by the Spaniards.

Varrio Warfare

•February 6, 2006 • 57 Comments

Ending Varrio Warfare is not as simple as it sounds. Varrio Warfare in terms of Nortenos vs. Surenos is rooted in pre-chicanismo times. It is our version of Israelis vs. Palestinians, they are the same people yet they are enemies. Our varrio warfare started in San Quentin State Prison, between La Nuestra Familia(Nortenos) and La Eme(Surenos). A member of La Eme stole some shoes from a Northener, the shoes did not fit him so he sold them to another Eme member named Robot. Robot was called on the shoes by the original owner, Hector Padilla of Nuestra Familia, after a brief physical confrontation, they didn’t know it, but they threw the first two fists of our Chicano Varrio Warfare which would remain to this day after decades.

It might seem pathetic to fight for shoes, to the point where to kill one another. In prison, it is a completely different society, inmates hold onto their belongings very deeply because it is esentially all they have and can be used as cash or be traded for other things. If you don’t stand up for yourself even with something small like shoes, the rest of the prison population will take you for a punk and will abuse you themselves in the future, to the point of taking away your manhood because anything you have is esentially up for grabs because you did not fight for your property in the past.

La Eme is a much older, larger clique than the Nortenos. Back in the day everyone was in La Eme and remained a soldier for them. Most of the original Nuestra Familia members originally were born from the south, excluding one or two I believe who were born in Bakersfield. La Eme was formed to protect Chicano/Mexicano inmates in prison. They offered protection from the Blacks and Whites who were physically bigger and stronger than most Mexicanos who were known to be short and stocky for the most part. They were able to stand united against other factions like The Black Guerilla Family and Aryan Brotherhood members. La Eme started abusing its positions and started charging high “rent” or demanded valuables too often from those who they were protecting, sometimes it got out of hand and they would attack other Mexicanos and Chicanos themselves, destroying the bond of carnalismo that we all once had in the prisons.

La Nuestra Familia was then born to protect Chicanos and Mexicanos, forming an alliance where they stood united against the more powerful, larger, Eme family. The animosity built between them over the years. While the Northeners were relatively small in numbers, they stressed quality over quantity and claimed the Surenos would only attack if there were a group of them. The Nortenos built on this and attacked La Eme’s concept of war, you have to consider both La Eme and NF(Nuestra Familia) are built on Chicanos and Mexicanos. In prison, they both stress the learning of our history, the Mexica, some of them are able to speak fluently in Nahuatl and it is not unheard of to be vocal about Mexica War Chants to taunt the guards and taunt the rival group.

You have both sides calling on each other’s honor for War. Both sides kill civilians and do not keep it between the soldiers. Both sides funnel harmful drugs like crank and cocaine into the community. It might seem elementary to argue over details or may seem like outright bickering but they do make a very strong argument for why Varrio warfare continues to this day. Both sides question each other’s machismo, “balls” when it comes to warfare, Nortenos claim that Surenos won’t fight you one on one, and Surenos claim the same. When you have a clique against another, it turns personal, it is not over red or blue, the fight is engaged because of other reasons like they jumped your homie or simple carnalismo exercised within the cliques. A homie backing up another homie no matter what.

From there builds the taunts each group have each other that are definitely insulting. The Northerners are referred to as Farmeros, because argiculture land dominates Northern California. Other ridiculing names for Northerners are Nortontos, Busters, While the Surenos are city boys, they are referred to as rats, scraps. The colors are only an excuse for war and the ability to practice warfare. Examples are these two insults, the first is from a Northener point of view “The reason why scraps wear blue is because they’re wanna be cops, always snitchin’ n shit”. This one is from a Sureno point of view “The reason why you guys wear red is so they can see you at night picking your onions”.

While the insults are elementary, they do attack one’s ego, especially among young males who have defiance for conformity. When you have members on either side, they will build cliques and therein forms the bonds of brotherhood. The sense of belonging to a group where they would roll with you and defend/back you up to the end. The bonds are tighter when they are not just Sureno for example, but a clique within the Sureno faction. An example is Pecos Pero Locos, PPL. So all the Southeners within PPL will definitely back up their homies no matter what, not just against Nortenos. Once again, the colors are just cosmetics to what really does happen and how they physically engage society.

In more contemporary times, Southeners are more of a mix of recent immigrants from Mexico, 1st gens and multi-gens. Northeners are more dominated by 1st generation and multi gen Mexican Americans. The Surenos insult the Northeners for not speaking spanish fluently or if at all. They counter argue the logic as being gabacho and then go on to insult them and say that is the reason why they are in bed(allied) with the Aryan Brotherhood. The Surenos call the Northeners as being “nigger lovers” for being allied with the Black Guerilla Family. This \feed the animosity between the more Mexican American dominated(North) clique and the Newly Arrivals, who tend to join with the Surenos moreso than with Nortenos. They build this animosity between city and country boys, and recent immigrant vs citizen. So the Surenos use this to their advantage when they regularly insult just to instigate a physical match.

The Surenos do claim that Northeners have lost their Mexicanismo, that they don’t speak the “mother” tongue of Mexico that is Spanish, while Northeners tend to have a more indigenous-centric view about it. Both do, however learn the ancestor’s ways and use that when recruiting for soldiers. It largely depends what prison the inmates are in, the opinions will differ.

This Norteno vs. Sureno Varrio Warfare has been tried to be stopped by one of the more famous Eme members named Cheyenne Cadena. His cousin who was in Nuestra Familia, name is Gonzalo “Chalo” Hernandez tried to request his cousin call off the war declared by La Eme in Folsom State Prison and Chino, to kill any NF member on site. The peace was agreed upon for a short while until La Eme confused by information they received from kites and wilas, broke it the truce and stabbed some Nuestra Familia members. After that, NF declared war and stabbed Cheyenne Cadena, threw him over the pier and when his body hit the floor, Nortenos stabbed him multiple times again. This scenario might sound very similiar to the scene in “American Me” when Olmos character gets stabbed by his own clique, while the movie was based on Cheyenne, most of the facts were changed, in real life, he was stabbed by NF, in the movie he was stabbed and killed by his own.

To end or even mitigate Varrio Warfare is definitely not an easy task, ultimately, to some people they feel the change has to come from within the Norteno and Sureno cliques, and they are La Eme and Nuestra Familia who are the ultimate “shot callers”. Bangers will not listen to anyone outside of the clique as far as their lifestyle, they will exclaim that they won’t understand. According to some “veteranos”, the change will never happen because the shot callers have to constantly fight their own younger soldiers who are out for power, even among the shot callers, for example, Norteno shot callers mostly reside in Pelican Bay, while in another prison the supreme shot caller in that prison will call for actions that is against those in Pelican Bay. So the constant struggle of power is an obstacle.

There is also the issue of honor, the older more experienced bangers “remember the days” of when war was honor and no civilians were murdered at least if they didn’t interfer with banger business. When soldiers were more loyal and trustworthy. Nowadays it is not like that, where you have your own bunkmate snitching on you or even helping carry out your assination because you were hypothetically “slipping”. There are even some veteranos who still are against the coca and crank that is distributed throughout the community by their own. So have to include greed and “money is power” when trying to understand this problem. When coke and crank were introduced in the 60s and 70s, it changed Varrio warfare forever, it was no longer a simple rivarly between cliques, but a struggle for money on drug sales.

Instiling and teaching both factions REAL “brown pride” as far our Mexicanos unidos is one way to mitigate Varrio warfare, but they already twist this information when they teach Mexica history to the inmates and few of the general population. We have to take this and show the bangers on the streets that they are twisting the information in prison. Real carnalismo is carnalismo with your people in whole, not just a clique. Both sides claim brown pride when both sides do not exercise it.


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The word Chicano or Xicano(as used by contemporary Chicanos) is inherently rooted in european thought and culture. Despite what historical writers such as Ruben Salazar say “A Chicano is a mexican american who has a non-anglo view of himself”, it does not hold true.

Chicanismo is still “anglo” in the way that most chicano/a’s still practice european culture. An example is Christianity or more correctly within the chicano community, “Catholicism”. It is esentially an anglo religion. Even though Catholicism took upon the system of manifestations of Ometeotl(Nahua God). Ometeotl is the god and only god of the Nahuas, who were Purepecha, Mexica, Tarascan, Huichol and various other nation/tribes. The “god of fire” or “god of rain” are not gods themselves but manifestations of Ometeotl.

The Spaniards took this set of beliefs and converted them into “Saints”. You have the saint of war, the saint of fertility and so on. These sets of saints are rooted in the indigenous belief system of manifestation which helped convert the indigenous to Christianity.

We also have Chicanos who speak spanish and believe Spanish is necessary to learn to be able to fully experience Chicanismo/Mexicanismo. They argue that a host of Mexican words are rooted in Nahuatl. These words are a bastardization of the original Nahuatl words. Mexican Spanish is esentially a dialect of Spanish the same way American English is a dialect of England’s english which is the bona fide.

Not everything in Chicanismo is anglo however, one of the few things that still remain indigenous is our diet. Like our ancestors, we still consume chocolate, corn tortillas, chile, nopales, tamal, squash, tomato, and various other foods.

Our music, Mariachi, Banda, etc are still played using european instruments, the songs are sung in Spanish. However the stories sung in some songs are of no doubt, Chicano or Mexicano. We may sing of our love for our families or our country and life, but the method of doing so is still anglo.